Duties of Asst. Manager

1. Factory opening & Closing monitoring

2. Before closing the factory, all door, window, electric matter checking.

3. Monitoring security and answer.

4. Factory cleaning & house keeping of the zone.

5. Transport movement, parking arrangement & fuel for transport.

6. Looking wastage goods.

7. Workers collection for recruitment and maintaining recruitment procedure.

8. Maintaining leave record.

9. Salary sheet checking before payment and sign.

10. Tiffin distribution monitoring.

11. Maintaining workers discipline.

12. Uniform, ID card, uniform distribution & record keeping.

13. Preparing disciplinary action related paper.

14. Communication with BGMEA if needed.

15. Checking license date, fire extinguisher refilling date and ensuring all necessary documents are available.

16. Arrangement of transport for sick worker if needed.

17. Arrangement of workers service book.

Duties of Deputy Manager

1. Daily recruitment

2. Maintaining workers personnel file.

3. Conducting workers orientation for newly joined worker.

4. Giving awareness training to workers.

5. Ensuring all workers are given uniform, ID card, shoe keeping box & these are maintaining properly.

6. Keeping leave form in the personal file & leave register maintaining.

7. Properly maintaining compliance related documents.

8. Maintaining workers discipline during in & out in the factory.

9. Monitoring house keeping and cleaning in the production floor.

10. Arrangement of meeting if needed.

11. Salary sheet checking before payment and signed in the sheet.

12. Workers grievance handling.

13. Workers increment.

14. Preparing several kinds of document i.e. appointment letter, promotion letter, increment sheet etc.

Responsibilities of Manager

1. Monitoring all the works of subordinate.

2. Overall safety & security matter of the zone

3. Canteen

4. All furniture and fixtures.

5. Overall discipline of the factory.

6. Monitoring recruitment, Salary fixation, issuing appointment letter, confirmation letter etc.

7. Preparing compliance document.

8. Maintaining all necessary document, license, file etc.

9. Communication with BGMEA if needed.

10. Monitoring purchase, transport, Tiffin, cleaning.

11. Grievance handling.

12. Monitoring wastage goods.

13. Arrangement of meeting if needed.

14. Preparing notice, office order, transfer order, promotion letter etc.

15. Preparing several kinds of bill including maternity benefit bill.

16. Monitoring salary / wages payment.

Duties and Responsibilities of DGM

1. Designing HR. Dept.

2. Developing several kinds ofpolicyi.e. rules & regulation working hour, child labor, forced labor, non discrimination, harassment & abuse, security, environment etc.

3. Developing training module for the workers and staff development.

4. Establish MIS system linking with HR / Personnel dept.

5. Manpower planning.

6. Management restructuring.

7. Preparing yearly budget.

8. Dealing with disciplinary matters.

9. Dealing with labor / IR issues

10. Developing admin manual and implementation.

11. Developing internal control tools & procedures.

12. Recruiting national experts, head hunting, negotiating, accomplishing contracts.

13. Overall looking the safety & security matters of the company.

14. Training for workers and staff development.

15. Overall HR, Admin & compliance related matter handling.