Dhaka, Saturday, 12 June 2021

China’s Economy turns out, a record in export

China’s Economy turns out, a record in export

Apparel correspondent: China's economy is picking up speed on the back of a boom in export trade. The country's exports have increased the most in the last three years by 21.1 percent.

The outbreak of the virus was first reported in China, where the Corona epidemic began.

Statistics released by the country's government last week show that the festive season has played a significant role in boosting demand in key markets,which has also helped the country collect record trade surpluses.

The corona also crippled China's economy. Again, because of that corona, China's export record has increased. However, government borrowing and the huge amount of money spent by the Chinese rich have played a big role in this economic revival

But for ordinary Chinese like Pan Run Ping, it's definitely good news.

Last month, China's exports rose 21.1 percent to $ 268 billion. The high demand for medical products and electrical appliances in the world market has played a major role in this growth.

This is the best figure for China's export trade since February 2016. Earlier in October, the export growth was 11.4 percent. Besides, the country saw growth for six consecutive months. In November, the shipments that contributed to the increase in exports went mainly to the United States and Europe.

The government feels that the economy has stabilized so much that they have begun the process of formulating their next five-year plan. This five-year plan is an important part of the socio-economic strategy of the Chinese Communist Party. It is also clear that by 2020, China is going to be the only major economy in the world whose economy is on the rise.