Dhaka, Saturday, 12 June 2021

The story of a generous industrialist

The story of a generous industrialist

Avijit Biswas :The whole world is now in the grip of the deadly corona. The world economy has been defeated . Even the most powerful nations in the world have lost their way in the poisonous effects of the epidemic. Doctors and scientists have not been able to find the cure for this disease even after thousands of researches. Like the rest of the world, this epidemic has hit Bangladesh too. Already, 1,464 people have died from the virus in Bangladesh.

At the time of writing, the total number of patients identified is 1,12,306. Meanwhile, the country's overall economy has come to a standstill due to the corona. In this extreme crisis, only bad news is scattered around. Many orders in the garment industry have been canceled. Garment workers are seen coming to the field every day to demand arrears of wages. . Thousands of such news are being heard all around. However, in the midst of such bad news, some exceptional news is suddenly heard which gives hope to the people. Every crisis opens the door to new possibilities. The word is actually true. An excellent example of this is Mr. Amal Poddar CIP, Founder of Panam Group and Managing Director of Metro Knitting and Dyeing Mills Ltd. When all the companies decided to pay the mandatory 65% salary, he said the purpose of the workers, I know you will have a hard time keeping up with the 65% salary, but don't worry, let's see what I can do for you! On the day before Eid on the 23rd, every labor officer gave a certain amount of money as a gift to the employees in an envelope of more than 35%! If the owner of a company gives gifts to its employees, then the organization should not have any objection. And gave bonus 65% of the total salary to 22,000 workers of Panam Group. When the government announced the first general holiday from March 26, he paid the full month's salary, even though the month was not over. Mr. Amal Poddar CIP has always been involved in social work. Earlier, he had given 5.5 katha of land to Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) for construction of power substation. He donated the land to DPDC on April 29, 2019 through an agreement. According to the agreement, Amal Poddar CIP registered 5 and a half katha land in the name of DPDC at Ramarbagh in Kutubpur, Fatulla, Narayanganj. DPDC will soon build a 33 KV substation at that place.It will be called "Babu Amal Poddar CIP 33 KV Power Substation". The power generated at the power plant will be supplied to Metro Knitting and Dyeing Mills Ltd. and distributed among industrial and residential customers in the area. In April this year, he distributed relief items to 500 families affected by the corona virus in Sonargaon.PPE also distributes vital materials to save the lives of doctors in various government and non-government hospitals across the country. On behalf of his organization, he also visited Kurmitola General Hospital, Square Hospital, Sheikh Hasina Burn Unit, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital, Anwar Khan Modern Medical College and Hospital, Sheikh Russell Gasto. Distributed PPE to various hospitals including Liver Hospital. Mr. Amal Poddar has become a big industrialist today by accepting many hardships, struggles and sacrifices from his childhood. So he understands the suffering of the workers. A modern man. A hardworking man. A human being. A successful business man. Best wishes to Mr. Amal Poddar, a business leader.