Dhaka, Saturday, 12 June 2021

Responsible textile business in the 3rd dimension


Apparel Desk :The bluesign® CUBE is the science gateway to responsible consumer textile products. This service platform provides continuously growing and updated information, as well as applications and modular services.

Digitalization brings new opportunities, and Bluesign’s cloud-based integration will provide additional, far-reaching possibilities for the industry and its players in a new dimension.

The cloud computing solution is designed to interlink verified data in a systemic way in order to create qualified information for efficient enterprise decisions with reduced risks. Data of over 25,000 chemical product risk assessments combined with over 2,000 company site assessments result in hundreds of thousands of materials that are compliant to the bluesign® CRITERIA and the basis of thousands of bluesign® PRODUCTS.
Independent third party: The information based on verified data facilitates effective collaboration, simplifies responsible sourcing and is the basis for a responsible business. You will be supported by shared knowledge and expertise from Bluesign. Approved inputs will lead to safe products with reduced environmental impacts. Moreover, the verification of chemicals, materials and products by an independent third party add value to your products. Transparency is given by full risk-based traceability at the product level. Your dashboard allows you to know your supply chain, monitor activities and take responsible actions for continuous improvement of supply chains and products.
Secure business decisions: The bluesign® CUBE is your tool to manage risks, assure compliance, reduce costs. The bluesign® CUBE enables effective communication and reassurance that things are done the right way the first time. The use of best available technologies and the implementation of best practices keeps you abreast of current and future requirements. Information secures business decisions and investments and drives your responsible business. Digitalization accelerates responsible business. Access from all over the world and at any time to our applications paired with absolute data security makes this one-stop service platform a preferred tool by responsible textile businesses.