Dhaka, Saturday, 24 July 2021

In recognition of safe airline Biman’s responsibility increased


National flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines has achieved a five-star safety rating by an international aviation safety rating agency. Biman achieved five stars out of seven in terms of air safety from Australia-based company airlineratings.com.
The national flag carrier got three stars for achieving International Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), one star for not being enlisted in the aviation blacklist of European Union, and another star for not having any fatality record in last 10 years.
Biman failed to get the rest two stars as it has no approval by Federal Aviation Administrator of USA, and for not fulfilling eight safety parameters of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
Private Bangladeshi carrier Novoair was also placed on the safety list, with three stars out of seven.

According to the website of Airline Ratings, they prepared the safety ratings following data analysis of 405 airlines authorities worldwide.
Biman's General Manager (Public Relations) Shakil Meraj said these achievements are the result of Biman's efforts in ensuring air safety, especially introducing safety management system in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization.
But at the same time we will take into account the negative rating of another company called SkyTricks. With safety and quality standards, they identified 21 airlines as the 'worst' in the world. One of the planes was Biman. The news was published in the British Daily Telegraph in 2016. But with the overall judgment, better news has been found around Biman in recent years. So, now the best time to take the appropriate steps to build Biman as a national organization of international standards.
However, we also saw that Biman has been struggling with operating costs. Biman is suffering from a liquidity crisis, despite making profits for three consecutive years.
Biman is struggling to cover its operating costs, and it is paying staff salaries by loaning money from the bank. The audit for the 2017-2018 fiscal year is yet to be completed, but the airline’s authorities are concerned about possible losses.
A number of high-ups commented that the liquidity crisis will persist until the aircrafts, brought in under high-priced leases, can be returned.
The correspondent has identified a multitude of factors contributing to the financial losses of Biman Bangladesh Airlines, such as: a fuel price hike, fluctuating exchange rates for the USD, high-priced aircraft leases, a weak marketing team, and a loss of revenue for cargo transport.
According to insiders, the airline is also investing in training more pilots, cabin crew, and engineers. There are also costs associated with procuring in-flight entertainment systems, ground servers, and other technical upgrades to ensure the smooth operation of the newly-purchased planes.
In the same fiscal year, the airline failed to achieve its targeted sales revenue, due to a weak marketing team, said Biman officials; adding that they have been trying to meet their sales target by selling tickets in advance, at a discount, since November last year.