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7th Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 8-9 in Dhaka  

7th Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 8-9 in Dhaka

Apparel Report : The international denim exhibition in Dhaka keeps growing in numbers and quality of exhibitors, providing a unique insight on Bangladesh denim, each edition. The 7th edition is slated to open doors on November 8th and 9th 2017 in Dhaka. In Japanese ‘Kaizen’ is the word for ‘continuous improvement’ process, a word that has often been associated with business companies to describe activities that continuously improve in all their functions. A concept deeply rooted in the organisational strategy of Bangladesh Denim Expo.

Improvements planned for the next edition are in three main directions: a new up-to-date main theme, anexpanded roster of exhibitors with specific focus onBangladesh industry, and a wider international outreach reinforcing strategic partnerships. Bangladesh Denim Expo Founder and CEO, Md Mostafiz Uddin explains, “The vision of Bangladesh Denim Expo is to make Bangladesh a sourcing hub by creating a multinational gathering, exposing new business horizons and greater corporate opportunities for the entire denim value chain as well as enhancing the country’s image in the world.”

For the upcoming event, a new forward-thinking main theme has been put forth around the concept of ‘Transparency’. Exploring in detail its meaning and how this issue is perceived and treated in the fashion industry, will be at the heart of the new edition with events that will delve into it in an unprecedented way on an expo level.

Moreover, the 7th edition is expected to be the most successful ever with around 58 exhibitors from all over the world already confirming their participation. Around 40 of them are from outside the country and 18 are Bangladesh-based denim companies.

A larger number of Bangladesh exhibitors will be featured to provide a genuine insight into the capabilities of Bangladesh denim industry. Among them are the four biggest denim garments manufacturers of Bangladesh in terms of export volume: Pacific Jeans, Ananta, Bitopi and Dekko.

Leading companies participating

These four brands are among the frontrunners in Bangladesh’s denim market in innovation and adoption of sustainable practices. Pacific Jeans Group is regarded a pioneering company to upload Bangladesh as a premium apparel manufacturer in the global marketplace and awarded as top exporter of Bangladesh for five consecutive years. It is one of the leading premium jeans manufacturers, employing 26,000 people, producing 36 million jeans every year & exporting to over 25 countries.

Ananta Group manufactures diversified products acts as a strategic vendor for key customers. Bitopi Group’s two factories are LEED Platinum certified. The group produces trousers, denim, outerwear for H&M, Benetton, Decathlon etc. Dekko Group comprises 17 operating companies in five business sectors – export-oriented readymade garments, garments accessories, paints, and food. Dekko’s brands are available in nearly 40 countries.

Plethora of innovative offerings

The upcoming exhibition will see companies exhibiting their top products and best practices centred around the main theme of the Expo, representing the full denim supply chain, with 42 denim mills, along with a selection of garment manufacturers, fibre and yarns suppliers, chemicals suppliers, machinery producers and washing & laundry companies.

The international reach of the show is reinforced, due to partnership with world renowned Italian laundry and dyeing company Tonello Garment Finishing Technologies, which will attend the show with a special Denim Gallery, displaying a range of products specifically finished for the show.