Dhaka, Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Argentina plans to modernise ports

Argentina plans to modernise ports

Apparel Report: The Argentinean government has calculated that the Port of Buenos Aires needs investment of $1bn in order to modernise. This would see container capacity raised from 800,000 teu to 1.2m teu. Future planning is under way at the General Ports Administration (AGP), which reports to the Minister of Transport.

Gonzalo Mortola, The head of Transport & Cargo section of AGP, said, It is going to be a port that Argentina deserves, being very profitable and competitive. The Port of Bahia Blanca is also putting together a development plan: Vision 2040 covers the next 20 years and is due to report in September.

Pablo Pussetto, of the Management Consortium behind the plan noted that the idea is to look at the port in a regional context, also taking into account Rosales Port and the Naval Base Port.

He said, Something that is not to be discussed are the undeniable possibilities for the port to grow in the coming years, since many initiatives could possibly converge here. Separately, the Transport Secretary of Santa Fe, Pablo Jukic, has put forward the possibility of creating legislation that would cover all port operation in the province. This, he argued, would allow the normal development of port activities and end current uncertainties in respect of importers and exporters.