Dhaka, Thursday, 30 June 2022

5th anniversary of Simura Fashions celebrated 

5th anniversary of Simura Fashions celebrated 

Apparel Correspondent: Simura Fashions is a well-known company in the field of garment export in Bangladesh. Five years ago, Simura Fashions was launched through the efforts of a few enterprising young people. The company ensures a variety of custom designs, customer-friendly, loyal staff, and high-quality products. As a result, Simura Fashions is already well-liked by foreign buyers for its aesthetic design. The company marks its fifth founding anniversary on 20 December 2021.

A programme was held at the head office of the company in Dhaka’s Banani on 29 December 2021 to celebrate the founding anniversary. It was attended by Simura Group Chairman Mushtaq Hossain (CIP), Director Simin Hussain Rimi MP. Rajib Hossain, Managing Director of Simura Fashions, and Clarissa Hossain, Director of Simura Fashions. Nurul Islam, Executive Director of the organization, Mizanur Rahman, Manager of Merchandising, Marketing and Sourcing, and officials of Simura Group and other associates of Simura Group were also present.

Simura Fashions started working as a fashion-buying house in 2016. Business honesty and dedication have paved the way for this organization to reach its goal. Simura Fashions mainly exports products to various countries in Europe and Africa. Notable products they have produced include T-shirts, polo shirts, trousers, sweatshirts, hoodies, polar cardigans, and all kinds of knit and denim items.

Rajib Hossain, Managing Director, Simura Fashions, told The Apparel News, “The world's ready-made garment market is changing rapidly. We need to keep an eye on China, which is at the forefront of this business. In the future, it seems that by entering this huge market of China, it will be possible to hold ourselves in the competition. Myanmar and various African countries such as Ethiopia are already involved in the business. You have to compete with them too. COVID-19 has also signaled a change in the demand for ultra-heavy clothing. At present, according to the demand of the global market, expensive brands are importing products made from Bangladesh, similarly, the demand for affordable and varied garments has also increased. New possibilities have become brighter for big entrepreneurs, small and medium entrepreneurs. Similarly, compliance is no longer just a matter of labour. There are issues like the environment, infrastructure, etc. On the one hand, the price of clothing is decreasing, on the other hand, the cost is increasing. In this situation, the next big challenge will be to increase management skills. Management skills are becoming more important than worker skills. For this, we have to go to technology. However, care must be taken so that workers do not become unemployed due to technology. It's time to dump her and move on.”

Mizanur Rahman, Manager, Merchandising, Marketing and Sourcing, Simura Fashions, said: “Today is the 5th anniversary of our dream Simura Fashions. It is a day of great joy and honor for us. This journey of the last 5 years has been very challenging for us. Our start was not so easy. We started from scratch. Our Guardian Managing Director and Director Sir have always given us mental courage, so the challenges did not seem too difficult for us. The management has participated in various foreign apparel fairs and recruited new buyers which has made our work much easier. Also through the relentless work of our marketing and merchandising team, we have got new buyers, enabling us to further expand the scope of our buying house. Our customers continue to conduct business with us and we also ensure the quality of the products ordered by the customers through our dedicated quality team.

“I would also like to thank everyone in our Commercial and Accounting Department,” he said. He expected everyone's cooperation to maintain the continuity of this success of the organization in the future.