Dhaka, Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Commercial production of Muslin will start soon: Golam Dastagir Gazi

Commercial production of Muslin will start soon: Golam Dastagir Gazi

Apparel Correspondent: Commercial production of Muslin cloth will start soon, said Textiles and Jute Minister Golam Dastagir Gazi (Bir Pratik).

He told reporters during a visit to Dhakai Muslin House at Tarabo in Rupganj on 13 November.

The textile minister said, “Bangladesh Handloom Board has taken the effective initiative to bring back the tradition of Muslin on the instructions of the Prime Minister. It is being made possible by restoring the Muslin production. The PM has already been shown a Muslin saree. The Muslin saree found in the British Museum is 500 counts of yarn. Now muslin saree is being made with 700 counts of yarn. The government is trying to figure out how to improve it.”

He said, “It will export Muslin to the world market soon. It will take a little time to go into Muslin’s commercial production. For this, we have to maintain the quality of Muslin. In addition, Muslin must be within the purchasing capacity of the common people. If a saree costs Tk5-10 lakh in Bangladesh, the sale will not increase. If we can deliver Muslin to the people, that will be a great success. So, we will first work on saree and have to increase its exports.”

Golam Dastagir Gazi, “Through extensive research, it has been possible to find the raw material of Muslin. Cultivation of Footy Carpus, production of yarn and improvement of the skills of artisans to produce high-quality Muslin. The acquisition of Muslin's Geographical Indication (GI) certificate and the patent has created the possibility for sustainable development and expansion of the country's traditional handloom industry. Exporting traditional Dhakai muslin will earn a huge amount of foreign currencies and will brighten the image of Bangladesh in the international arena. '

Hasina Gazi, Mayor of the Rupganj Tarabo Municipality, Abdul Mannan, Secretary of the Textiles and Jute Ministry along with others were present at the programme. The matter was informed in a press release sent by the ministry.