Dhaka, Thursday, 30 June 2022

Visit Baniachong Lakshmi Baor swamp forest this spring

Visit Baniachong Lakshmi Baor swamp forest this spring

Apparel Correspondent: Visiting Baniachong Lakshmi Baor swamp forest in this spring will be a great experience for any travelers. Surrounded by haors, this forest is situated on an area of about 500 acres for many years. Hundreds of visitors throng here every day.

Why you should visit this place

There are various types of unnamed trees and thousands of birds in the forest. Bird hunting is banned here. This forest is the heaven of winter guest birds and various species of reptiles. Birds chirps from morning to afternoon here.

This forest looks different during the rainy season. In the middle of the beautiful water forest, there stands a huge water body. The huge amount of rain water gives the visitors more pleasure in the rainy season, the description of this forest cannot be finished without seeing the celestial scenery with one’s own eyes.

It is really impossible for me to describe the beauty of this forest, I am waiting for you to see it with your own eyes. For now, this spring you can come back with a partner or in a group. I hope your trip will be enjoyable. Since now is the dry season those of you who are thirsty for travel can come to meet a new place. The road through the middle of the haor will take you to this captivating forest.

Where it is situated

This forest is located at a distance of about 5 km from Baniachong Upazila of Habiganj District.

What to do

When you go to the forest, it is better to take dry food and water from the local market because you will not find any shop on the road. You can visit this forest during your free time. If you want to make your travel fantastic, you can go by motorbike. You can reach the forest in 20 minutes from Baniachong . You can also have a picnic if you want. In that case you have to leave in the morning, you can always take the cooking utensils from Baniachong market. Or there are several good quality food hotels in Baniachong Sadar that you can order in advance if you want. In that case, I can give you some food shop address. There are several food shops on Boro Bazaar Post Office Road.

Special Attractions

Besides the forest tour of Lakshmi Baor, you can also visit the historical Kamala Rani Dighi or Sagar Dighi of Baniachong, Rajbari of Baniachong, historical sites of Mughal period, Puranbagh Jame Mosque, Bibi Dargah Jame Mosque and Rajbari Jame Mosque. And of course you can see the beautiful village of Baniachong. Let me tell you again, the village is the largest village in the world with full of rich history and heritage. There are many stories of Mymensingh Geetika (a collection of folk ballads) written by Dr Dinesh Chandra Sen related with Baniachong. The famous Komola Rani poem of the Palli Kabi Jasimuddin was composed on the bank of Sagardighi Lake of Baniachong.

Baniachong is the birthplace of Sir Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder of BRAC, the world's largest NGO, who was knighted by the British government. You can also visit the house of legendary late musician Subir Nandi.

How to go

Those of you who want to come from Dhaka have a special bus directly from Dhaka to Habiganj or you can get off at Shayestaganj by Hanif, Shyamoli or Ena bus and come to Baniachong via Habiganj. The distance from Habiganj to Baniachong is 18 km.

You can come from Habiganj by CNG auto or small minibus. The fare for CNG will be around Tk 40 and for minibus Tk 25. For those who want to come from Sylhet, you can come by bike. It is also easy to come by bus. Any bus going from Sylhet to Dhaka will have to get off at Auskandi and go to Nabiganj. The fare will be Tk 20. From Nabiganj, you can reach Baniachong again by CNG auto for Tk 40. Have a nice journey!