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Sampa is unparalleled in tuning pure music

Sampa is unparalleled in tuning pure music

Ranju Raim: Nazrul Sangeet devotee Sampa Das is one of the most distinguished artists in our country and abroad. She is not only a musician but also a researcher and devotee of Nazrul Sangeet.

Sampa believes that the practice of Nazrul songs increased vastly in the last few years. She is also one of the torch-bearers to keep the genre alive throughout her career, spanning over more than one decade.

Nowadays, she is one of the most popular Nazrul Sangeet singers and researchers, working devotedly to preserve the purity of Nazrul songs. Sampa has worked on recording the original notations of Kazi Nazrul Islam during the last few years. Nazrul writings explored themes such as freedom, humanity, love and revolution. Nazrul wrote and composed the music of nearly 4,000 songs, collectively known as Nazrul Geeti. In the midst of our music field, Sampa has no competitor tuning pure music. She is an expert to tune all kind of Nazrul Sangeet perfectly.

Nazrul Sangeet singer Sampa entertained the audience rendering popular songs of our National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam at several programs. She rendered Nazrul songs depicting human relations, revolution, nature and other themes at various programs. ‘Jonomo jonomo tobo tore kandibo’ and ‘Amar aponar cheye apon j jon khnji tare ami aponay’ are rendered by Sampa perfectly. ‘Mone pore aj se kon jonome’ and ’Nohe nohe priyo e noy ankhi jol’ were rendered by Sampa with deep love. She is going to be a legend singer of Nazrul Sangeet through outstanding performance.

Nazrul’s much adored song titled "Pravat Beena Taba Baje" is excellently tuned by Sampa. While singing the song she commands our admiration which no other artist can achieve. Sampa Das is one of the few ever dedicated Nazrul Sangeet artists.

Meanwhile, both in Bangladesh and India, Sampa Das is one of those who have steadied themselves in the domain of Nazrul Sangeet. Sampa is not evasive on her devotion. Her practice for music begins through her love for Nazrul's tone and verses. Sampa Das is not only accomplished in Nazrul Sangeet but she is unparalleled in research also. Her mission is far-reaching. In this case, no one is her contender; she herself is her own contender. She is relentlessly surpassing herself in practicing music.

Through her a couple of albums titled "Kothay Ghanashyam" and "Adhare Bandha Agneesetu" she has spread Nazrul's song amidst her fans and admirers. Her songs are telecasted live both at home and away. She also performs in stage shows.

Nazrul's songs have become her only passion. So she cannot make time for modeling as she did in the past. She is to take care of the cultural activities and presentation held in her working place Lalmatia Girls' College. Even through these mammoth tasks, Sampa Das has to make time for her Ph.D. dissertation.

I have already mentioned that her target is far-reaching, so she does not believe in any exaggerated publicity. In my poem titled "Debotagon" there are lines like: 'Prachare prashar bate, ei bakko sokoler jana / Prachar patura tai chay sholote adharo ana'. Sampa Das wants 'sholo ana in sholo' by dint of her own merit. She is gradually stepping towards music but with consummate steadiness.

A Nazrul devotee Sampa Das is tireless in reaching her goal. She is moving forwards taking Nazrul in head and heart. No doubt, her dream journey will see the light of success. In fact, music is an art of highest sort; it demands unmixed attention. At least I applaud her all-out efforts in practicing Nazrul Sangeet.

Sampa has bound her life in tone and verses of Nazrul Sangeet. Let Nazrul's song be always resonated in her tone and tune, and not for any wordly expectation.