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Importance of CAD and CAM Technology

Importance of CAD and CAM Technology

Apparel Learning Desk :CAM means computer aided manufacturing. By using CAM technology, a lot of important and critical processes i.e.spreading process,cutting process,sewing processetc. can be done within a short period of time very easily and smoothly.

What is CAD Software in Apparel Industry?

Intextile and apparel industry, CAD stands for computer aided design. By using CAD software technology, fashion designer can easily create different types of clothing design within a very short period of time.
Importance of CAD and CAM Technology in Textile and Apparel Sector:
We are living in a fashionable era and today’s generation is fully fashionable. They feel comfort in living with fashionable items. As a result, they have huge demand for new-fanged weave designs. In this situation, fashion designers have difficulty in keeping pace with the fast changing trends of the global market. Sometimes, it is unable for them to fulfill the demands of market. This is occurred due to the time consuming process offashion designing. We are all known to that, fashion designing and manufacturing by applying manual process consumes a lot of times. To survive in today’s competitive market, every fashion designer should keep in mind one thing “today’s design becomes out of fashion tomorrow”.
To solve this problem and to keeping pace with the fast shifting trends of market, computer aided designing (CAD technology) and computer aided manufacturing (CAM technology) is very much important. CAD and CAM technology both saves the time, money and easy to perform jobs by using these. These also help in improving efficiency, proper utilization or resources and improvement in customer satisfaction services.
In textile and apparel industry, CAD and CAM technology both have made textile and apparel designing simpler, faster more precise and enjoyable. Fashion designer can create his motifs by using a pen or mouse within a very short period of time. It’s not only help in quick and fast designing but also help in editing the design (Clipping of certain parts, adding new shapes, changing the shapes, distortion, resizing, recolouration, color reduction) in any time according to thebuyerinstructions. From the view of above points any one make his decision that, CAD and CAM technology both has too much importance in textile andapparel sector.