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The Treasury of Tea for Bangladesh: Sremangal

The Treasury of Tea for Bangladesh: Sremangal

Ihsas Islam :Bangladesh is a small country and isn’t the most developed. But it prevails in nature and the production of other organic products like tea. Sremangal, is a treasury of tea to me. A number of famous tea brands like Finley had their own garden. I went there with my parents last year in the month of December.

We started our journey at 3rd December-2018. It took about 8 hours to reach Sremangal from Dhanmondi. When we were getting near our destination, we could see rows after rows of tea gardens and workers picking their leaves. The tea plants had trees as sheds. It was a beautiful sight and the smell of the environment was much different than that of a city. There was nature everywhere. After a few minutes, we reached our hotel, Grand Sultan. It might have been the best hotel in Sremangal and probably one of the best in Bangladesh.

As soon as we entered the hotel, there was a very faint smell of tea. Tea was very popular there from what I saw. The hotel was rated five-stars. I knew it just by staying there 1 day. At the second day, 4th December, we went into a tea garden. There were paw prints in a lot of places. We learned they were the paw prints of a fox and that foxes roamed everywhere in the gardens and in the streets during night. That is why people stayed off the streets during night and every tourist would return to their hotel. Each hotel or at least most hotels had their own gunmen. We could also hear foxes howling all night long. That night had a buffet dinner night and along with this, there was also a concert. It was an amazing experience.
Next day, 5th December, we started packing our things to leave. We had breakfast and got our car out. We again started our long, tiresome journey but I was sad leaving all this green behind. To date, I still miss that place and hopefully it will remain green forever. I call Sremangal, “The Tea Treasury of Bangladesh”. Overall, Sremangal is a great place for tourism but there are some things that need to be improved. The streets should be improved as it is very rough and they need to add good streetlights. There should be more good hotels which are cheap. Grand Sultan along with a few hotels and resorts are five stars, but they are very expensive and everyone can not afford it. So the authorities should do something to make this place not only naturally beautiful, but comfortable for the locals and tourists. Like better homes, streets, affordable hotels etc. should be added. Because of this, even people who aren’t that rich can get a taste of this “tea- state”. And people who like better civilization over natural beauty will also come here.
There is also a huge problem of poverty. I know because I saw people living in slums without good clothes and proper utensils. There is also a problem for garbage, which is a problem for a lot of nations in the world including Bangladesh. So the authorities should take down the slums and build actual apartments. But since they would become homeless, they would get free apartments and get jobs. It wouldn’t be nice for the tourists to see such homeless people. Also the locals would be very happy. They need to be concerned about garbage and how it affects our environment if we burn it or just litter it on the streets. It would be a huge development.
School : Mastermind, Class : VI