Dhaka, Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Globalization has not remained as global village and act as pillage


Sheikh Anwar :Globalization is the movement towards the expansion of economic, cultural and social ties among the countries through the spread of corporate institutions and the capitalist philosophy that lead to reduction of the world in economic terms. It is the economic, cultural and social phenomenon.

Globalization is an umbrella term for a complex series of economic social technological, Cultural and political changes seen as increasing interdependence. Integration and interaction between people and companies in disparate location. As a term globalization has been used as early as 1944 but economists began applying it around 1981.

Since tremendous growth transportation, communication and technology particularly during the last two decades as a result the world has now become a global village. The distance between various countries has becomes shorter and the geographical barriers approximately reduces on globally merged. As a result, the mutual dependency and inter transaction are increasing day by day with each and other. Recent decades to bring several factors increased growth in globalization.
Dimension: Economic globalization: Economic globalization is the intensification and stretching of economic interrelations around the globe and the enhanced role of international economic institutions. Multinational companies are the main mentors in our production process, EPZ and bilateral investment is the best example for economic dimension. Political: Political globalization is the intensification and expansion of political interrelations around the globe and changing the role of global governance and political systems. The new role of model of democracy is practicing in our country like Malaysia, Singapore, China, Thailand, USA, and Canada etc. Cultural: Cultural globalization is the intensification and expansion of cultural flows across the globe, It includes the development of a global culture the role of the media in shaping identities and desires and food diversification i. e KFC, BFC, Piza hat, MacDonald, Shanghai Food, Masala Dosa etc. Huge number indigenous and foreign electronic media and TV channel contribute in our society. On the other hand, globalization of languages adopted in our country like Chinese, France, Japanese, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korean etc. Ecological: Topics of Ecological globalization include population growth, access to food, reduction in biodiversity, differences between rich and poor, climate change and global environmental degradation. Minus growth rate of population and increasing food grain production are the super example of this dimension. On the other hand shrimp culture reduces our agro-based production due to saline water using in this purpose. Ideologies: Globalization operates on a cross cutting Ideological dimension filled with a range of norms claims beliefs principle customs and narratives about the phenomenon itself. According to Steger, there are three main types of globalism market globalism, justice globalism, and religious globalism Religious ties and interacting degradation and living together and increasing non-marital position are the fine example of this dimension.
Why Globalization has not remained as global village and act as a pillage?
To be a global village by the umbrella of globalization it’s failed the following arguments: 1. Globalization state loses controlling over all aspects of authority as economic, politics, culture, ecology and ideology. Not only that Nation state become weakens causes reducing controlling power and state squeeze gradually in imposition of supreme authority, due to these, developed countries wanted to establish high control and authority over developing countries. So Global village is not an outcome of Globalization, the outcome is global pillage on developing countries government by the developed countries government. 2. Previously stated that economic globalization has increased dependence over country to country. Due to these dependency corruption increased there at an alarming rate. Not only that the people of these countries losing cultural and religious values. So the creating of differences between rich and poor countries increased highly. Egalitian lines of the measurement of social inequality is increasing. Which is the sign of global pillage. 3. Pillage on Culture: Globalization has increased dependence over country to country, For these reason the people of these countries losing cultural and religious values and changing indigenous culture by foreign culture. So, traditional sovereignty has fall in threatening position e.g recently the cultural phenomenon of BD is badly influence by the Indian TV culture due to globalization. This is nothing but pillage of culture. 4. Pillage on Religious values: Due to gradual diminishing of traditional sovereignty religious values and believes seriously attack by secularism and so called Communism forces. People become secular not a senesce of neutral in religion rather than attack by the emotion of general devout which make contradiction among the general people and so called secular and communism. 5. Migration tendency and pillage on laundering: By the globalization rate of migration is increasing by the sake of better life education and employment, Due to migration developing countries have loosed the meritorious person and the scrutinized merit of the developing countries used as their research and development. Outgoing intellectual property migrated from less developed. Globalization creates scope of money laundering. 6. Pillage on nature and climate changes: Globalization influence badly on nature and climate of developing countries. CO2, CFC emission increased due to globalization. Nuclear generation and nuclear power plant increased country to country. In Bangladesh there increased growth as Rampal coal based electricity generation plant. 7. Pillages on SME and enhanced of MNCs: Due to globalization, MNCs of the both developed and developing countries have been trying to bad influence on small and medium entrepreneurs. They wanted to dominate them in all sphere. For these reasons multination companies sometimes interfere in the politics of developing countries as well as developed countries too. So, it creates augmented depression among the local entrepreneurs and merged local small producers. As a result local industries of developing countries became losing concern as per costing perspectives, i.e dominance of global trade by the rich, northern hemisphere countries. So globalization pillages local economy, trade, stated and nation building process. 8. Pillage on peace and solidarity: Due to globalization inequality increased all over the world at an alarming rate. Lack of opportunities for the poor to be able to have access to markets. The number victim people here is on a large number. So some of them evolve the ethics of international terrorism impact of global free movement. So, it is the result of deprived exploitations of workers and growers. 9. Pillage on Economy: Globalization sometime boor the economic growth. But in maximum case due to lack of proper decision and dependence management, local economy, trade, state and nation building process be weaken. So the rich country become richer and developing country become poorer. 10. Pillage on Technology: Hacking, now a days. A dangerous phenomenon in developing countries like Bangladesh. Technological abuse due to social media have increased day by day. So sometimes technology becomes harmful for mankind and people suffer badly on pillage.
In the above discussion, It would like to say that globalization has integrated effect on economy, social, political and cultural lifestyle, It exploring the resources and markets enhances economic activity, create opportunities for labor and capital to locate anywhere in the world, generate employment opportunities. Contributed to increase national GDP with developed production factors and so on. But the abuse of the concepts and the un-blessing fundamentals of globalization it has a global pillage. But implementation of proper measurement of globalization the word Pillage will be removing forever.
Writer is Researcher, Faculty of Social Science, University of Dhaka and working as Evaluation and Documentation Officer, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management (BIBM).