Dhaka, Thursday, 21 January 2021

Faster and Cheaper Digital Printing Shakes Up the T-shirt Business

Faster and Cheaper Digital Printing Shakes Up the T-shirt Business

Apparel Desk : Kid Dangerous used digital printers to produce a merchandise line called the Let Love Collection for the performer Common. For many T-shirt companies, business once solely revolved around the labor-intensive job of silk-screening a graphic onto a blank tee.

But digital printers and direct-to-customer retail shook up the business for a lot of these silkscreen companies, which vary in size from the person working out of a garage to established big businesses.

These newer machines and the popularity of direct-to-consumer retail are helping a number of graphic-T-shirt companies expand beyond their traditional strengths by expanding into product fulfillment, distribution and brand consulting.
The downtown Los Angeles–headquartered Kid Dangerous brand spent $25,000 in 2010 on a Brother 381 digital printer for its own use. While learning how to use the machine, Kid Dangerous President Steve Nanino realized that his company could expand into other areas.
“As we started to get [newer] printing equipment, we realized that we could print for other companies,” Nanino said. “It was an alternative way to generate revenue.”
Kid Dangerous continues to work on its own brand, but it also does fulfillment for brands that sell their goods online. In addition, it makes special-events merchandise for retailers such as Bloomingdale’s and concert merchandise for celebrities such as Common.