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Stoll to showcase latest innovations at ITMA Barcelona-2019

Stoll to showcase latest innovations at ITMA Barcelona-2019

Apparel Desk:H. Stoll AG & Co. KG will present its latest innovations and developments within the fields of fashion, technology, technical textiles and knit wear at ITMA Barcelona 2019. The company will showcase its new knitelligence® machine generation at the event. Furthermore it will showcase a production process -knitelligence® and STOLL-knitrobotic®.

The new knitelligence® machine generation is tailored to the specific needs of the digital world. It facilitates work through process automation, more transparency, shorter response times, shorter production cycles, and higher productivity. Based on knitelligence® and the latest innovation, STOLL-knitrobotic® is a fully automated production process which allows visitors to take home a finished knitwear piece with an individualised motif as a souvenir.

The new STOLL Trend Collection exemplifies and impressively demonstrates the variety of materials that the STOLL technology supports. In addition to the commercially available yarns, STOLL also works with unusual yarns for the knitting industry that represent a solution to a major challenge of flat knitting technology. These yarns include used plastic bags, silver foil, and jute bags that have been utilized to knit luxury products – the inspiration here being the concept of up-cycling.

In the sector of Technical Textiles, STOLL will showcase demanding technical applications on the CMS 530 ki W in the gauge E7.2. Other technical applications to be presented by STOLL at the exhibition will include TT home, TT med, TT mobility, TT e-tex and TT sport.

In field of knit and wear STOLL will present the ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear and CMS 830 ki knit and wear. The ADF 830-24 ki W knit and wear offers greater flexibility in coloring and patterning – providing greater productivity. This ADF offers the entire spectrum of technology and functionality in the knit and wear range.

The second machine in the knitwear sector is the CMS 830 ki knitwear machine. This is a high-performance, basic machine with an excellent price-performance ratio. In addition to standard techniques, it offers demanding patterns such as the French shoulder. One of its features include the enhancement of the intarsia capability. The CMS 830 ki knit and wear offers the gauge E9.2. This machine is the economical entry-level machine for flexible use, both for conventional production and knit and wear divisions.