Dhaka, Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Digitization enters fashion supply chain

Digitization enters fashion supply chain

Apparel Desk:Digitization has entered the supply chain of the fashion sector. This opens the door to new metrics, the simplification of processes and greater coordination with the rest of the actors. Digitization implies the incorporation of new systems in factories. Digitizing the supply chain implies accelerating personalization, traceability and transparency.

One major digital challenge is traceability: the union of all points of an ultra-fragmented value chain. Traceability involves migrating to more flat and digitized chains that allow distribution groups to have control. Each of the links in the chain has to give value to suppliers, manufacturers, traders, purchasing agents and logistics. The data will not only help make internal measurements but also to unite different actors of the value chain.

Access to data and its management allows the relationship between the consumer, the brand and suppliers to be much narrower and more individualized. The idea is for brands to adapt their products to users who are looking for more and more specific information. Technology ensures macro to become micro without repercussion on speed or cost.

One of the technological pillars of this new model is the application of programming interfaces, systems connectors that exchange the information of a company with its suppliers.