Dhaka, Monday, 16 September 2019

Fashion without designers helps companies reduce waste

Fashion without designers helps companies reduce waste

Apparel Desk: Recent proliferation of data in the fashion industry is helping retailers and brands to analyse signals from the millions of customers and better predict what customers want. Companies are using algorithms and technology to use this data efficiently.

Machine-generated designs create shorter supply chains

Mechanical advancements and a more organised fashion industry help brands to effectively curate their collections. However, it does not cut down on waste in the system. Companies need to therefore, adopt entirely machine-generated designs to augment their collections. Various machine-learning frameworks are now creating a whole set of machine-generated designs. Oncecompanies are able to predict the most preferred of these designs, they can leverage their manufacturing capabilities to create a shorter supply chain. This will enable them to launch these products in approximately four weeks. This period can be further reduced through the use of automotive manufacturing techniques.

Improving their bottom lines

Not only are machine-generated designs better, they also increase sales by twice or thrice as much. If combined with a faster supply chain, these designs can help brands to almost double their bottom line. The machine, on its part, continues to learn and get better with every new article type as it was a complete feedback loop. A small beginning, this use of data, algorithms and machine-vision technology will not replace the genuine creativity or designers worldwide.

It will instead help them to reduce waste and deliver much better value and experiences to their customers.