Dhaka, Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Interview: Swadesh Debnath, Managing Director of BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd says

BIGM always ready to provide the best customer services

BIGM always ready to provide the best customer services

Ibrahim Khalil Jewel: Apparel machineries solution provider ‘BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd’ is a renowned Bangladeshi business house, which has a good reputation in marketing and supplying of the total garment machineries solution as well as providing services up to the mark. The company has achieved clients’ satisfaction by providing quality products of world’s renowned brands and special ‘After Sales Service’. BIGM team is always ready to give quick response to any need of the customers. It has Cutting, Sewing & Finishing solutions for garment section and Dyeing, Printing, Washing & Circular Knitting solutions for textile division.

BIGM was established in August, 2008 with an aim of supplying all types of textile and garments related Sewing and Knitting machines as well as fast-moving spare parts to the export-oriented RMG industries. Since its inception, BIGM has been committed to the single goal of providing the best possible and economical services to the customers.

Managing Director of BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Swadesh Debnath has recently been interviewed by The Apparel News, where he told that now they are giving emphasis on more Automation products to reduce the production costs, increase productivity of the factories, reduce dependency on workers so that the entrepreneurs can make more profit and can be more competitive in the world market.

Mr. Debnath also opined that there should be a serious govt and private initiative to train up the workforce of RMG sector to enhance their skill for continuing Bangladesh’s leadership in the world market. Excerpt of the interview is presented below for the readers:

The Apparel News: How do you see the prospect of Bangladesh’s apparel industry in next 20 years?

Swadesh Debnath: In my personal view, the apparel industry of Bangladesh will be the world leader within next few years. Now it is the second largest apparel exporting country, which can replace China acquiring First position subject to the long-term political stability, developing human resources by providing them time-worthy training and developing communication infrastructure of Bangladesh. This training should be arranged for workers as well as Mid-level to Upper-level management, especially for the Industrial Engineers (IE).

The Apparel News: According to your opinion, what are the main challenges before our garment industry in coming days?

Swadesh Debnath: Main challenges in this sector are: the communication infrastructure, port facility and complying lead time. Communication, particularly the road communication is a big hurdle to communicate business clients. Bad condition of roads as well as traffic congestions hamper business dealing and products delivery in proper time. We know that most of the garment factories are situated outside Dhaka like Gazipur, Ashulia, Savar, Narayanganj. It takes even 4 to 5 hours to reach Gazipur from Motijheel of Dhaka, only 25-30 kilometer distance. It is killing hours after hours working time. We have to spend lot of time at the street. So how it’s possible to visit different customers in a day! Two meeting in a day almost impossible.

The Apparel News: Please tell us something regarding your career. When did you start your business in garment machinery sector and what was the motivation to choose this career? And, finally, how are you enjoying your profession now?

Swadesh Debnath: After completing Masters in Management from University of Dhaka in 1993, I started teaching profession. At the same time I completed MBA from Southeast University. At that time I felt interest to join RMG sector as it was a very rising sector of the country and was creating scopes for millions of employments.

Moreover, one of my elder brothers was involved in RMG sector. He inspired me. Seeing the prospect, I joined this sector. Firstly I had managed a job and after several years I started my own business establishing BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd at the end of 2008. Now, we have offices in Dhaka and Chattagram (Ctg) and we have also plan to set up more offices in Gazipur and Narayanganj soon to give better and quick services to the customers of the respected areas.

We basically work with Japanese companies like Yamato, Juki as well as so many different products from different countries.

I am very happy with my profession because this sector earns 70% of the foreign remittance and more than 80% of the total export volume is done by this single sector. So I am also proud of this contribution. Millions of people are living on this sector. From bank to grocery are being benefited from the RMG sector.

The Apparel News: You are the Managing Director of BIGM Company (Pvt.) Ltd. Please say something regarding your company and its activities.

Swadesh Debnath: BIGM is a private limited company involved in marketing of apparel machineries and rendering services. We are marketing Yamato industrial sewing machine, which is a Japanese brand that has more than 100 years history of doing business in apparel sector world-wide. These machines are cost-effective and the best solution for Knit Garments.

Beside this, we are doing marketing of Juki, another Japanese brand and Cutting solution Gerber as well as all the auxiliary machineries from Japan, Taiwan, China and Europe. Now we are doing some Automation from Europe, USA, Japan and Turkey. Automation is very important for higher productivity, less manpower, cost saving and maintaining quality of the production.

We are providing best technical support and after-sales-service. We have call centre for giving quick feedback to the customers when necessary. We have sufficient technical workforce.

The Apparel News: We know that your company is an Apparel Machineries Solution Company. What types of machines are you selling in Bangladesh market?

Swadesh Debnath: We have all types of apparel machineries solution like: Sewing, Cutting, Textiles machineries (finishing, dyeing, printing, washing & circular knitting); other auxiliary, Accessories and Spare Parts. We have Cutting solution of GERBER (USA) & SALOON (China) brand; Sewing solution of YAMATO (Japan), JUKI (Japan), ATLANTA (USA), ROBOTECH (Turkey), VITONI (China), KEKI (China); Textile – Washing solution of COSMOTEX (Spain), Circular Knitting solution of BECK (Germany), Boiler solution of CERTUSS (Germany), Air Compressor of BLOWTECH (Taiwan), Fabric Dyeing of JUVER (Spain), Molding solution of PERFECTA (Switzerland); Forming, Ironing, Relaxing of YALIS brand (China); Finishing – Shirt Automation of EPA brand (Turkey), Shirt Collar, Body & Sleeve Press of YAC brand (Japan); Laser Cutter – GOBS (China) etc.

The Apparel News: Please tell the special features and benefits of your machines and explain how it is more price-competitive than other products in the market?

Swadesh Debnath: We can definitely say that our products are more price-competitive than other products in the market comparing to its quality and productivity.

The Apparel News: How much are you caring to your customers and what is the condition of your After-Sales-Services?

Swadesh Debnath: First of all, our vision is to take care of our customers and our slogan is “We Care Customers.” Our company has specially been distinguished as a service provider. Our team is always alert regarding the After-Sales-Services.

The Apparel News: Could you mention the name of some customers in Bangladesh who are using different machines purchased from you?

Swadesh Debnath: Some of my customers’ name I can mention here, are: New Asia Group, Square Group, DBL Group, Interstoff Group, EPIC Group, Esquire Group, Masco Group, Mondol Group, Palmal Group, SHB Garments Ltd, JK Group, Ananta Group, Renaissance Group, Comfit Composite Knit Ltd, SRB Fashion Ltd, Apparel Today Ltd, BKS Apparel, Norp Knit Industries Ltd, Sadma Group, Rose Intimates, Graphics Textile Ltd, Textown Group, FCI Group, Santa Group, Knit Plus, Romo Fashions, Chaity Group, Libas Textiles, Niagara Textiles, Mas Intimates Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd, Giant Group, 4 H Group, Ritzy Group (Loyal) Pandora Sweater Ltd, Pran RFL Group, Knit Asia Group, Dird Group, AST/Nobel Hurricane Group, Viyellatex Ltd, Hams Garments, Alema/MIM Group, Magpie Group, Multifabs Ltd, Babylon Group, Knit Soft Wear Ltd, Crystal Industrial Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd, P.N Composite Ltd, GMS Knit Composite Ltd, Supreme Stitch Ltd, Taratex Ltd, Kenpark Bangldesh Pvt. Ltd, Ayman Group, Nur Group, Irish Group, Mouchak Knit Composite Ltd, Graphic Design Ltd, Anowara Group, Purbani Group, Fergasam (Bangladesh) Ltd, Radix Group, Manami Fashions Ltd, Meghna Knit Composite Ltd, Robintex BD Ltd, Imam Group, Epyllion Group, Utah Fashion Ltd, Progress Apparels Ltd, Simba Fashions Ltd, Golden Rain Attires Ltd, Aman Tex Ltd and so many group of companies.

The Apparel News: What’s your next plan to expand the customer base and diversify your services to the potential and existing customers?

Swadesh Debnath: We have plans to make individual service centres in Gazipur, Savar and Narayanganj soon beside Dhaka and Ctg in this regard.

The Apparel News: How do you see the prospect of overall garment machinery business in Bangladesh? Could you mention the growth trend of machinery business in last five years?

Swadesh Debnath: I can see very good prospect of the overall garment machinery business in Bangladesh. Last five years the business growth was more than four times than the previous five years. Now entrepreneurs are interested on the automation. Because, automation increases quality and reduces production costs. So the demand for the automation solution stands at the peak point.

The Apparel News: What’s your final goal?

Swadesh Debnath: My final goal is to develop my business so that I can reach at the leading position in my sector.

The Apparel News: Finally, What’s your message to the apparel manufacturers in Bangladesh?

Swadesh Debnath: As a service provider, BIGM has name and fame. So we have a request to the apparel manufacturers that always stay with BIGM. We are all time ready to give you full support.