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What Factors To Be Considered During Sewing Thread Consumption?

What Factors To Be Considered During Sewing Thread Consumption?

Apparel Desk: The amount of threads needed to produce a garment is calledsewing threadconsumption of that garment. Generally, it is expressed in length. It must need to determine thethread consumptionof garment. Because, the price ofgarmentis determined with the price ofsewingthread consumption. This article has presented some important factors which are directly related with threadconsumption.

Factors Related with Sewing Thread Consumption:
The following are the factors which are related with sewingthreadconsumption:
1. Thickness of fabrics,
2. Plies of fabrics to be sewn,
3. Stitchtype,
4. Stitch density,
5. Width ofseam,
6. Garment size,
7. Designof the apparel,
8. Automatic thread trimmer of that machine,
9. Skill of theoperator,
10. Qualityof thread.
All the above factors have explained in the below:
1. Thickness of fabrics:
If fabric thickness is higher, thensewing threadneeds more to sew theapparel. So,Fabricthickness is proportional to the amount of sewing thread.
2. Plies of fabrics to be sewn:
Amount of sewing thread depends on the number of plies. So, during, thread consumption, it should be kept in mind, otherwise thread will be shortage duringgarments manufacturing.
3. Stitch type:
The amount of stitch varies according to thetypes of stitch. Example, 101-chain stitchneeds more amount of thread than 301-lock stitch.
4. Stitch density:
Stitchdensity has a great impact on thread consumption. Threads needed more in higher stitch density than lower stitch density in the garments.
5. Width of seam:
Ifseamwidth is higher, then thread needs more to sew the garments.
6. Garment size:
In case of large garments, sewing thread needs more than small sized garments.Garmentsize is one of the most important points which must be considered during thread consumption.
7. Design of the apparel:
Garments design also creates some impact onthreadconsumption.
8. Automatic thread trimmer of that machine:
Automatic thread trimmer cuts the extra thread duringsewingthe garments. So, it should be kept in mind during thread consumption.
9. Skill of the operator:
Skilledsewing operatorsproduced less amount of threadwastagethan the unskilled operator. It’s a very important factor to reduce the wastage of sewing thread during sewing.
10. Quality of thread:
Sewingthread breakage occurs during sewing the garments if thequalityof sewing thread is low. So, it’s a mandatory duty for agarment merchandiserto ensure the right quality sewing thread beforebuyingit.