Dhaka, Thursday, 18 July 2019

PFT, Brongo, Mactec, Macsa and Apna win Bangladesh entrepreneurs heart

Eastman deals with total Denim solutions

Eastman deals with total Denim solutions

Staff Correspondent: Eastman Technocrafts Ltd is a name of ‘total apparel solution’ in Bangladesh. The company has been providing services with firm commitment, sincerity, integrity, quality, and ensuring satisfactory After-Sales-Services since 1996. The Eastman has been marketing world-famous branded garment machineries in Bangladesh. “PFT”- Fully Automatic Pocket Join machine from China; Garment Laser Technology- MACSA id from Spain; Industrial Washing Solution- BRONGO from Italy; Environment-friendly Dryer Solution- MACTEC from Italy; and Eco-friendly Chemical brand APNA from India are few of them.

‘PFT’ is the latest and fastest automatic sewing solution in the world which is widely used in Bangladesh garment factories. Mr. Manik Lal Chowdhury—the Managing Director of Eastman Technocrafts Ltd-- owns wide range of experience with number of training in home and abroad regarding the latest high-profile machinery of RMG sector. He told that the main objective of PFT company is to deliver easy solutions to the customers with lowest operating costs. These machines are very user-friendly and comfortable for the workers, which contains high quality hardware & software. PFT is very much serious regarding customer services. It is capable to provide service support within 24 hours after receiving any call. In Bangladesh, Eastman Technocrafts Ltd is the sole agent of PFT and it is giving the service support.

PFT-120 -MT Fully Automatic Pocket Join (Single Head)

It is fully automatic programmable pocket setter with cold folding group and single sewing head for JEANS. It has Maximum speed: 3000 rpm; Application scope: Elastic fabric, thin material, medium thick material, thick material. Its Productivity is 130-140 pant per hour. Air consumption: 6bar, 0.9 L/p.c. (per cycle). Power consumption: 1 kw. Weight: 480 kg. Size: 1920X1420X1500mm.

PFT-220-MT & 223-MT Fully Automatic Pocket Join (Double Head)

Its features are: Full automatic programmable pocket setter with cold folding group and Double sewing head for Jeans.

Max speed: 3000 rpm, Sewing area: 200 x 200 mm. (230 x 225mm max), Application scope: Elastic fabric, thin material, medium thick material, thick material. Productivity: 160-170 pant per hour. Air consumption: 6bar, 0.9 L/p.c., Power consumption: 1 kw, Weight: 550 kg, Size: 1920x1420x1500 mm.

Why PFT is more advance from others


* All machines are coming with PROGRAMER.

* Hooks brand JAPAN HIROSE.

* Guide rail is from JAPAN THK.

* Bearing is from JAPAN NSK.

* Timing belt is from USA GATES.

* Step motor is from JAPAN SHINANO.

* Main motor is same JAPAN.

* Emergency switch is from JAPAN NKK.

* Needle plate is from TAIWAN.

The Leader in Textile Laser system

Laser technology MACSA wins BD entrepreneurs’ heart

Bangladeshi denim products are dominating the international markets by beating its competitors in the European markets as well as in the United States by occupying lion part of the share. It has been possible by introducing latest fashions in Denim apparels particularly in pants. And using of laser works in jeans pants are very significant to bring in diversification in designs.

Manufacturers of denims use lasers to apply finishing effects to their products and to give them a ‘stone washed’ appearance.

MACSA is a Spanish company which is the pioneer and leader in the garment laser technology. ‘Lasertex’ finishing systems from Macsa id are used because they are fast, clean and flexible. They give the manufacturer a powerful tool to respond to the demands of fashion and allow them to increase their production capacity.

MACSA has more than 10,000 Laser systems successfully installed worldwide and is present in many different industrial markets including textile, automotive, food & beverage. In keeping with the needs of the industry, Lasertex systems are designed to operate continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and throughout the year.

Unlimited Freedom

Macsa id Lasertex Dual Conveyor system is fully movable and flexible control system gives unlimited freedom to do any design over the garments. It is the best and latest technology in garments and fabric laser technology.

Mr. Manik Lal Chowdhury told The Apparel News that Macsa’s products are easy to install and operate. These are of most reasonable price, more productivity, less energy consumption and more garments in the same time. So, investment in Macsa laser machines is a logical decision in terms of quick return and profitability.


a. Its Laser tube is powerful, precise spot and reliable.

b. No need to protective eye shield use, mask and hands gloves.

d. Ensures 100% safe working environments.

e. Macsa Lasertex’s productivity is 35% higher than any other laser machines.

f. 50% Less Power Consumption comparing to other laser machines in the world.

Italian Washing machine BRONGO & Dryer machine MACTEC win BD market

BRONGO is a famous Italian brand, which has been operating in the field of Industrial Laundry Washing machines for over 50 years, and in the field of washing and dyeing of garments for more than 30 years. The long experience has led to the creation of cutting-edge products in the Italian and foreign market, for their build quality, strength and reliability, for the ease of use and for the advanced technology.

Ms. Beatrice Brongo, General Manager; Brongo s.r.l. told The Apparel News: “We are specialized on washing and dyeing machines. Our best seller machine is ‘L’ model washing machine. This is best seller world-wide as well as in Bangladesh.”

She added: “Last year we made very commendable profit. We hope that in Bangladesh our business will grow day by day. We are marketing our own manufactured machines in Bangladesh for last 10 years and from the beginning, the Eastman has been with us.

She also told that Brongo L Models features are very attractive. These stone washing machines are of: Low liquor ratio; 20% less time; manufactured for all treatments on readymade garments such as stone wash (enzymes and stones), rinsing and softening; Space optimization; Less chemicals; Less energy consumptions; Less water consumption; Stronger mechanical action on garments accelerates the stone wash effect.

MACTEC: Mactec was founded in 1995 and represents a technological reference for the realization of system and equipment for the ageing of clothing items; Dry Process in simply words.

Mr. Graziano Vitali, Managing Director, Mactec S.R.L. told The Apparel News: Our “SEC O MATIC” model machine saves more than 80% of the energy compared to the normal rotary dryers. It is suitable for the environmental-friendly companies and/or companies interested in energy saving. The machine has a system that re-circulates hot air as much as possible. The maintenance cost is almost insignificant.

He also said, “Dryer conveyor for garments hung up separately after the process of washing and spin dryer. It has great advantages compared to the rotary dryers as there is no rubbing between trousers. This system passes the color fastness tests to meet the buyers demand.”

“No chemicals such as detergents, dispersive agents or anti-back staining are required in the washing machine to reduce the effect of deposition on the trousers.”

Apna Organics Pvt. Ltd, India’s vision is to “be known in the global markets for providing eminent chemicals and dyes manufactured by latest technologies, constant innovation and transparent processes for creating high customer satisfaction”. This will enable customers to maximize wealth for all stakeholders, create growth opportunities for employees and thus improve the standard of life for the society at large.

In modern times, environment has to be taken in consideration while implementing any new business goals. APNA ORGANICS makes sure that they manufacture chemicals taking in consideration the impact upon the environment.