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Petra Nemcova: Women Who Inspire

Petra Nemcova: Women Who Inspire

Make-up can be viewed as frivolous, but there are key moments when its power to bring confidence to the wearer should not be underestimated. Here, model and philanthropist Petra Nemcova discusses the role of beauty in her own powerful and inspiring story, after her life was changed forever.
In the latest episode from Vogue’s video series, in partnership with Max Factor, we meet Petra Nemcova, a Czech philanthropist and model and one of the Max Factor Voices – a diverse collective of 11 inspirational women from around the world whose life experiences have shaped their attitudes to beauty.

Nemcova’s charitable organisation, All Hands And Hearts, transforms lives in some of the world’s most troubled natural disaster zones, providing long-term community support by rebuilding schools and homes. It’s a life work, motivated by first-hand experience. “The Asian Tsunami [on Boxing Day 2004] happened at the highest point of my career and everything changed. I was very lucky, even though I lost my partner, because I had a family and home to go to.
Today, Nemcova’s life is split between time spent on the ground in natural disaster zones, modelling, speaking about her relief work at international conferences or organising high-profile fundraising events – which means her beauty products, when called upon, need to rise to the occasion. “I have to radiate a certain confidence,” she explains, “and make-up gives me that.”
Authenticity is a key part of Nemcova’s pulled-together approach to beauty, a viewpoint shared by Wendy Rowe, Max Factor’s creative director and global make-up artist, known for her work with Victoria Beckham and Sienna Miller. “I love the idea of enhancing beauty, yet still being able to have each woman’s personality shine through so you get to see the real depth of their beauty,” says Rowe. High-performance products – like the newly launched Volume Infusion Mascara, which features biotin and keratin to care for lashes as well as making them look their best – offer the kind of results that ensure make-up appeals to women like Nemcova.