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Growing demand sees new innovations in black denim

Growing demand sees new innovations in black denim

Apparel Desk: Over the past few seasons, there has been growing interest in black denim, from the trucker jackets to dresses and regular five-pocket jeans. The consumer today desires a garment that stays black even after multiple washes, providing that benefit of a lasting product. SuperCharged Noir collection strives to provide exactly this, ensuring that the supply chain passes this innovation to the retailers, the brands, and ultimately to the consumer.

As a part of its ongoing partnership with Invista’sCordura brand and LenzingTencel, Artistic Milliners debuted its latest denim collection SuperCharged Noir at Kingpins in Amsterdam, last month. The collection addresses the need for a long-lasting black color meanwhile while also reflecting on other trends such as softness and sustainability that the consumers are looking for today.

The five elements influence

Created by implementing latest in smart and sustainable fibre technologies, the new SuperCharged Noir denim collection with Cordura brand and Tencelfibres is inspired by five components, via its 5S technology: stay-true colour, enhanced strength, engineered soft comfort, sustainable innovation and performance stretch. The fabrics are designed to stand up to the challenges of an active lifestyle to combine durability and flexible comfort.

By incorporating latest state-of-the art Invista nylon 6,6 Black SDN fibre technology, the makers were able to add a new dimension in stay true colour and enhanced strength and abrasion resistance to the collection. The Tencelfibres and Artistic Milliners complement these attributes with added colour fastness, softness, sustainability and stretch. This collection provides durable fabric with added colour-fastness to help clothes look and stay newer longer. It is infused with colour-fastness locked in at the fibre level for excellent shade consistency and long-lasting vibrancy.

The SuperCharged Noir collection aims to reach both “fashion” and “workwear” brands, as well as kidswear designers, who are looking for a durable, comfortable and responsible denim product for their customers.