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Salam Murshedy’s New  Journey to Politics

Salam Murshedy’s New  Journey to Politics

Ibrahim Khalil Jewel & Amit K. Biswas: Abdus Salam Murshedy— a Football Hero of Bangladesh, and country’s one of the top most leading businessmen and industrialists; Managing Director of Envoy Group, has an excellent business background and is highly reputed for his relentless endeavour and dynamism.
Salam Murshedy is a man with a clean image and extreme generous in business. Apart from his business, sports, social works and charity, Mr. Murshedy now has started his political career formally joining Awami League on 03 March, 2018 at a grand rally of AL in Khulna Circuit House ground, where the Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina introduced Murshedy by his new identity as a political man to his native people, the inhabitants of Khulna— his own district.
At the meeting, Salam Murshedy said that he will do everything possible for the winning of six electoral seats of Khulna district for the candidates of Awami League in next general election. He also will contest from a constituency of Khulna, the soil where from he had completed his education and began his football career.

In his speech, Mr. Murshedy further added that under the prudent and courageous leadership of the daughter of the Father of the Nation, Hon’ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh is progressing very fast. The construction works of the Padma Bridge, which was accepted as a challenge by the Prime Minister, is going on in full swing. The Padma Bridge will expedite the development of South-Western region of the country particularly the Khulna division. He also added that Bangladesh has achieved the capacity of graduating from LDC status under the prime leadership of Sheikh Hasina, which is a notable achievement since the independence in 1971.
The nation’s dream satellite, Bangabandhu-I, was launched on 11 May, 2018 from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, the USA. With sending the Bangabandhu-I to the orbit, Bangladesh has become the 57th country to launch a geostationary communication satellite.
It is learnt that Murshedy, former national footballer and ex-president of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA), is confirmly to get Awami League nomination from a constituency of Khulna in the upcoming general election.

Salam Murshedy told that he is very much hopeful of getting the nomination after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina introduced him as a new member of the Awami League at a public rally in Khulna on March 3. Murshedy also delivered a speech at that rally.
“After a successful football career, I become an organiser and was elected senior vice-president of Bangladesh Football Federation for the last two tenures. I also worked sincerely for the business community and once I was elected president of BGMEA,” he said.
“Now I want to begin a new innings in the political arena,” asserted Murshedy.
Salam Murshedy told The Apparel News, “I have nothing to identify myself very much. The sportspeople of this country know me as Salam Murshedy, a former footballer. I am an entrepreneur with my professional identity. Besides, I have been partnering with the great initiative taken by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to build a prosperous Bangladesh. Since the skyline of success, my company Envoy Group, with the grace of almighty Allah, has always been taking a lot of efforts to develop garments and textiles with 20,000 employees.
Besides the two identities of former footballer and businessman, I am proud of the identity that I am the son of Khulna. I was born in Khulna. I grew up in the light and air of this district. Here is the beginning of my football career. In the ‘70s, I started my journey to football by playing for Young Boys Club of Khulna.
At the end of the seventies, I left for Khulna to go to Dhaka for football. At that time my new journey started to Dhaka Senior Division Football League as a member of Azad Sporting Club. After that, I scored the highest score of 27 goals in a season in 1982 for Mohammedan Sporting Club, and I was shining the face of Khulna district. The record of the highest goal of 1982 is still unbreakable.
Football did not leave me anymore. For this reason, I have been serving as the Senior Vice-President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) for a long time. Even, if I say that football is mixed with my blood, it will not be exaggerated. There is no substitute for the sports including football to combat the dangers of militancy and to prevent our youths from derailment.”
Salam Murshedy also said, “3 March, 2018, is a memorable day in my small life. On this day a huge public meeting was organized by the local Awami League at Circuit House ground in Khulna. Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina gave me the opportunity to speak in the grand rally of millions of my district people. For giving me a chance to tell something in front of the people of Khulna, I am thankful to the Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. At the same time, my gratitude to the inhabitants of Khulna, because their smiling face and applause gave me the strength to say something in the public meeting that day. I cannot express the great feelings in just a word.”

“I believe that for the formation of a healthy and beautiful society, the state’s partnership is directly needed. Besides, help of the people of the society is also needed. So, I am working relentlessly in the development of the Religious Institutions, School-Colleges and Sports Clubs in Khulna. These public welfare works need valuable advice of all,” Murshedy added.
Salam Murshedy also said, “Our Prime Minister has already earned the title of ‘Mother of Humanity’ for her holistic philanthropic humanitarian entity. She has made all her efforts to promote the development of the people. She was also conferred with ‘Global Women’s Leadership Award’ on 27 April, 2018 for her outstanding contribution to promote women rights and empowerment of women. The award was given at the Global Summit of Women 2018 at Sydney, Australia.
The Padma Bridge has become a reality today, because of her courageous initiative. Nobody thinks like her for the development of the South-Western region. You must know that revolution in the electricity sector has been achieved in the country. We have to step up to make electrification possible in every household. Not just electricity sector, development of every sector of the country is visible to everyone. “
Present President of Exporters Association of Bangladesh (EAB) and former President of BGMEA Mr. Murshedy— a born leader— has started his journey in 1984 with Envoy Garments Ltd. In less than two decades, he has guided the organization to emerge as a business conglomerate in Bangladesh with 15 big Garments House, a Textile Industry having state-of-the art rope dying (LEED Platinum Certified by U.S. Green Building Council, USA), Washing Dyeing Plant, Information Technology, Trading and Commercial (Local & International), Freight Forwarding, Real Estate & Developing, Dredging, Stock Exchange, Meat Processing (Bengal Meat) are playing significant role in creating employment opportunity as well as contributing to the national GDP.
Since starting the career in the field of business, Mr. Murshedy is closely associated to the garment movement in Bangladesh. He has been playing a vital role in Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) for the last 25 years.
A notable football player, Salam Murshedy, had scored the highest number of goals of 27 in one season in National Football League of Bangladesh, the record of which yet remains unbroken. He is one of the National Sports Personalities and active organizer.
Besides the business, Mr. Murshedy closely related with the physically Challenged Development Foundation (PDF), an organization dedicated to the welfare of disabled and underprivileged people. He also works for local charities, sports sponsorship, promoting and guiding to spread football all over the country to find out the potential players from grassroots level.
He successfully completed the tenure of: President of Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA); Director and Sports Secretary of Bangladesh Mohammedan Sporting Club. During his presidentship, the BGMEA saw many development works.
At present he is holding the positions of: President, Exporters Association of Bangladesh (EAB); Member of the Board of Trustees, Bangladesh University of Fashion & Technology (BUFT); Senior Vice President of Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF); Director of Premier Bank Ltd, Director of Square Hospitals.
In recognition of the National Sports Personality Abdus Salam Murshedy received National Sports Award from Bangladesh Govt. in 2003.
He has also been also recognized as Commercially Important Person (CIP) by the concern authorities of Govt. of Bangladesh for many years.
Mr. Murshedy and the Members of his family have been honoured as ‘Kar Bahadur Paribar’ by the National Board of Revenue (NBR) of the Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in 2017 as introduced for the first time.
Business Houses
Mr. Murshedy owned and actively associated with are:
Garments House: Envoy Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Armour Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Nadia Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Pastel Apparels Ltd, Managing Director; Astras Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Regal Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Epoch Garments Ltd, Managing Director; Supreme Apparels Ltd, Managing Director; Dornick Apparels Ltd, Managing Director; Fontina Fashions Ltd, Managing Director; Manta Apparels Ltd, Managing Director; Envoy Fashions Ltd, Managing Director; Envoy Design Ltd, Managing Director; Texas Dresses Ltd, Managing Director; Olio Apparels Ltd, Managing Director. Textile: Envoy Textiles Ltd (a Public Company listed in Stock Exchange), Managing Director.
Washing Plant: Laundry Industries Ltd, Managing Director.
IT and Computer Hardware: National System Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Managing Director; Advanced Comtech Machines Ltd, Managing Director.
Freight Forwarding and GSA: OIA Global Logistics (BD) Ltd, Managing Director; Pinata Air International Ltd, Managing Director.
Real Estate and Developer: Sharmin Holdings Ltd, Managing Director; Orex Network Ltd, Managing Director.
Trading and Commercial: Emerald Trading Ltd, Managing Director.
Health Care: Square Hospitals Ltd, Director.
Bank: The Premier Bank Ltd, Director.
Meat Processing:
Bengal Meat Processing Industries Ltd, Director.