Dhaka, Sunday, 17 January 2021

First year of materializing commitment and dream

First year of materializing commitment and dream

Amit K. Biswas: Everyone likes to dream; dream of what will happen tomorrow? Who will sit in this place tomorrow? Everyday people go to sleep with a number of dreams like these. Dreams are like endless knitting fabric, which never ends; only the stalks spread; Sow the seeds of thought, one day the idea is germinated. This is the history of human dreams. In a nutshell, people are acting like this way behind every creation. The thoughts of the human mind continued to be acupuncture. When one thought comes to mind, then the mind gets absorbed in another thought.

The birth of “The Apparel News” is just like a crop of our dreaming of our mind. The Apparel News started its journey on June 10, 2016, with the slogan “weaving dream with thread and needle” by few energetic youth who pledge to take a new challenge.
There are three export-oriented sectors in the economy of Bangladesh, which have spread the possibilities of lights during past years. Among them, garment industry, which now has created the opportunity for Bangladeshis to work overseas. Each year, about 32.1 billion dollars of revenue from these sectors is being added to our economy. Among these, the garment industry is the biggest contributor in the economy. About 80 percent of the country's total export earnings come from this sector. With the provision of the employment of millions of common people of the country, this sector is keeping the economy of the country as active as it is, and continues to move forward. There are about 3 million women employed in the RMG industry. As such it ensures women's empowerment in the same way it strongly establish women's education, nutrition and their family planning issues in society. Under the leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, the present government has adopted the vision of becoming a middle income country by 2021 and becoming a developed country by 2041. It is only possible to achieve this Vision through the desired development of this industry. And the infrastructure and business-friendly environment are genuinely needed to develop the industry.
According to the World Bank's Doing Business-2016 Index, Bangladesh ranked 176 among the 190 countries in the world. The government has taken steps to lift Bangladesh among 99 countries in this list. In the last four years, the Bangladeshi money has been strengthened against the dollar of 7.66 percent, where India's devaluation is 40.01 percent, Turkey's 102 percent, Sri Lanka's 23.54 percent and Pakistan's 15.39 percent. Now, the world's largest green factory is being established in Bangladesh. We have already established 67 green factories and there are more than 280 green factories in the list to be established soon. Our Textile sector has earned a lot of reputation worldwide through the steps taken to create a safe work environment in the garment sector. Yet factories are deprived of the fair price of clothing in many cases. India has been continuously working to reach the second position in the world in export of clothing. Bangladesh government should also give similar incentives to take the garment industry forward. We will be able to achieve the benchmark that we have set for garment exports only under the leadership of the Prime Minister. But we all need to help the garment industry.
In Bangladesh, 80 percent of the income generated in the export sector comes from this garment industry. We have to deal with the problems that we face in this industry. We will take this sector slowly and steadily towards the path of progress. Sadly, there was no significant newspaper on this garment sector, which is the biggest accountant in Bangladesh's export sector. When we are making important decisions for the development of this sector, then the successes of this sector were not coming before the public only due to lack of news containing accurate information. When we were analyzing the developmental activities of this sector, we noticed that there is no specialized newspaper on textile and garment industries in Bangladesh. We then decided to publish a special newspaper on this sector. From where, the birth of today's 'The Apparel News' occured. In the era of the development of information technology, we have established Apparel News to fuel the dream of Digital Bangladesh’s and to bring forth the success stories of the garment sector.
In spite of various financial problems, we decided to publish an online news portal. From that time, a few young people had to work hard to make Apparel News reach superstardom of success. During the last one year, we have published various analytical news on the garment sector of Bangladesh, which has been widely appreciated by not only the domestic audience but also the audience in abroad. From the birth of The Apparel News, we have been being encouraged by prominent journalist and media personality Mr. Shyamal Dutta and the garment industrialist Mr. Ranabir Roy. Besides, we express our deepest gratitude towards former President of BGMEA and Managing Director of Islam Garments Ltd Md. Atiqul Islam, German expert on Social Compliance, Supply Chain and Chemical Management of VFI Dr. Michael Arretz, Chairman of Pharmacy Department of Dhaka University Professor Dr. Sitesh Chandra Bachar, Senior Research Fellow of BIDS Dr. Nazneen Ahmed, Former 1st Vice President of BKMEA and MD & CEO of MB Knit Fashion Ltd Mohammad Hatem, former Vice President of BKMEA and Managing Director of Crony Group A. H. Aslam Sunny, Director of BKMEA and Managing Director of Metro Knitting and Dyeing Mills Ltd Mr. Amal Poddar (CIP), Managing Director of Lisky Technology (BD) Limited Mr. Shoquet Rashed Mamun, and many business leaders and industrialists. Besides, my genuine love for every person involved with The Apparel News. On today's anniversary, we are reiterating our commitment to upholding our writings, to maintain honesty within us as well as in our news. We are always for facts and beauty.