Dhaka, Sunday, 17 January 2021

May new feather to add to the crown of The Apparel News

May new feather to add to the crown of The Apparel News

Shyamal Dutta: Although there is a widespread expansion of the media in Bangladesh, but there is a lack of specialized media on the country’s largest industrial sector—the Readymade Garment (RMG) and Textile. More than 80 percent of the country’s total export earnings come from the RMG area. More than one crore people are directly or/and indirectly dependent on clothing & textile and its backward linkage industry. So there is immense scope for media to work on this sector.

Especially we have to highlight the huge achievements and success of this sector instead of only publishing the negative news and unilateral criticism. Despite the country being the world’s second largest ready-made garment exporter, there is still a lot of backlog for Bangladesh because of negative campaign abroad. Various interest groups spread any small accident of Bangladesh garment industry as a big one in abroad. As a result, negative publicity became more and more impressive surpassing all the positive achievements, and an adverse perception was made
about Bangladesh to foreign big brands and buyers. In this situation, special media on the garment sector can only answer correctly highlighting the accurate picture of the development of the sector to
foreigners. As a result, this will not turn the western
buyers away from Bangladesh. At the same time,
Bangladeshi entrepreneurs would be able to reach in a strong position in terms of bargaining with price of the garment products. “The Apparel News” has done this successfully for over a year. So I think that in this case The Apparel News can claim special praise.
The editor and publisher of the newspaper Mr. Amit K. Biswas, who is a younger brother-like to me,
expressed interest in publishing a newspaper about
garment industry almost one and half year ago. I
encouraged him very much. He requested me that I
should stay as Advisory Editor. I agreed. Then he

decided to name the media as “The Apparel News”
and launched its online version first on June 10, 2016. The online version got popularity among the industry people from the beginning. Being motivated by the readers, we took initiative to bring out print version, and on January 19, 2017, the bilingual fortnightly Tabloid newspaper was born getting ‘Declaration’.
Being published ??in both English and Bengali, the
fortnightly became very popular to the readers of both home and abroad. In the last one year, the
entrepreneurs and businessmen of RMG sector have
been able to realize that there was a need for a
specialized newspaper like “The Apparel News”.
On the First Anniversary of the newspaper, I would
like to express my sincere wishes and love to all of its readers, sponsors and well-wishers. I would also like to thank the news team under the leadership of Amit K. Biswas who are giving authentic, good quality valuable news to the readers. I would say, in the last one year, their work has surpassed the expectation. I hope that the second year also will be a successful one for The Apparel News.