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China strengthens cotton cooperation with BRI Central Asian nations 

      Apparel Desk:  China has strengthened cooperation in the cotton industry with nations participating in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) during the 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-25) to reduce dependence on ...

2021-06-28 | More

Thrust on using Brazilian cotton in Bangladesh

      Apparel Correspondent: A virtual meeting was held on Thursday, February 4 and put thrust on using Brazilian cotton in the apparel industry in Bangladesh, said a press release.      

2021-02-15 | More

Meet Bangladeshi woman entrepreneur

      Apparel Correspondent: Bangladesh is beset with many potentials. Here women besides men are becoming the entrepreneurs and contributing to the national economy on a remarkable scale. Like men, the women entrepreneurs ...

2021-01-27 | More

Brands self-disrupt to meet consumer needs

Apparel Desk: In order to stay relevant among young consumers, traditional brands are disrupting their own offerings, and business models. The latest Business of Fashion–McKinsey State of Fashion Survey highlights, ...

2019-04-01 | More

Bangladesh pays cotton import bill of over $3.0b annually

Staff Correspondent: Bangladesh is the world’s largest raw cotton importer as it uses this cotton to manufacture yarn and fabric for the readymade garment (RMG) industry. What is generally forgotten ...

2018-03-14 | More

Tech changing the dynamics of cotton production in the US

Apparel Desk: Like every other industry, textile and specifically cotton producers need to get tech savvy to become more efficient and profitable. In the US, Randy Norton, Director, University of ...

2017-11-19 | More

WTO members support to cotton spread in West Africa

Apparel Desk:  At a recent discussion on cotton, majority of WTO members affirmed their support for a meaningful and specific outcome on cotton domestic support, the chair of the agricultural ...

2017-08-29 | More

Global demand for cotton may rise  

Apparel Report: Next year, global demand for cotton is expected to inch up three per cent over this year as yarn spinning mills in Bangladesh and Vietnam increase their production ...

2017-08-24 | More

Turkish knitters want more investment  in Serbia

Apparel Report:  Turkish investment in Serbia is expected to grow in the short term as the country offers the best conditions for foreign direct investments (FDI) in the Western Balkans. ...

2017-05-27 | More

India’s cotton spinning output to witness a downturn

Apparel Desk:  Withstanding price pressures, Cotton spinners in India are resorting to production cuts in the current financial year to sustain profit margins. Experts estimate an average production cut of ...

2017-05-09 | More

World cotton production likely to expand 

Apparel Report: Farmers are likely to plant more  cotton  in the 2017/18 year as higher cotton prices encourage them to sow more, new estimates show. Thanks to high cotton prices in ...

2017-05-03 | More

Africa can be cheaper cotton source for Bangladesh: Muhith

Apparel Report: African countries can be a highly suitable and cost-effective alternative source of raw cotton for Bangladesh's textile sector, Finance Minister AMA Muhith said. "The demand for cotton in ...

2017-04-10 | More

China refines its Cotton Policy

Apparel Desk: The Chinese government announced a new target price for cotton grown in Xinjiang last month of 18,600 yuan per ton (approximately U.S. 122 cts/lb using current exchange rates), ...

2017-04-05 | More

Azerbaijan to develop cotton growing to boost light industry

Apparel Report:  The development of cotton-growing will make an outstanding contribution to boosting light industry, said Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev. Last year they laid the foundation of a light industry ...

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